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Oh boy! The week’s top comment is here!

“Aw, I like the look on the judge’s face. ‘One star in the sky, you say? All right, I’ll allow it. But I’ll warn you, counsel … you’d better be going somewhere with this.’” –Dan

And the runners up are here too! Huzzah!

“Max is sitting at Buford’s table taking notes. Is … is he on Buford’s legal team? Does the New Animal Order allow for counsel separate from the prosecutorial team, and indeed separate from the investigators who build the legal case? Does animal law follow the French legal system, with its assumption of guilt on the part of the accused? There’s a reason Max gets strapped to so many experimental aircraft, is what I’m saying. He’s a terrible lawyer.” –pastordan

“Low’eezy was already pregnant when she married Snuffy and yet while they look middle aged they only have one infant son and a live-in nephew. There’s at least one tragic story here, probably several.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“It’s bad enough that Slylock is somehow both the lead detective and state prosecutor, but now he’s also testifying on witnesses’ behalf. One day Sly will realize he can just steal bikes and window pies himself and thus complete his monopoly on crime/law enforcement roles.” –jroggs

“‘Grandma still uses a landline and the postal service, but what’s really strange is that corners of her house meet at euclidian angles and her head doesn’t pop off of her body and crawl along the walls’ –Billy, saying too much to a child who can now never leave the Keane household.” –iagbegreg

“[chuckles to self] Those kids on the playground … how they laughed at my rigorous utilitarian and solitary training on the slide — even eschewing the corkscrew slide as it was unlikely to be used in an emergency. Well who’s laughing NOW?” –Foodar

“I’m thinking if you show up at practice with that haircut, I won’t let you in. I mean, Jesus, kid, do you even have a mirror at home?” –The Mighty Untrained FOOZLE

“That ‘whoa’ may have briefly fooled us into thinking he’s a real kid, but doing the Charleston after landing immediately disabused us of that notion.” –Jenna

“Rusty’s ‘Say you’re interested in the thing your dad does and the girl you like might send you a sample of it‘ gambit intrigues me, mostly because my dad was a nuclear engineer.” –matt w

“Is Toby gaslighting her husband? ‘You are those things … to me. Other people though think you’re old and repulsive so don’t even consider leaving this totally healthy marriage.’” –Escape Zeppelin

“‘I struggled with grading Jannie fairly.‘ ‘So her name’s Jannie Fairley? I never knew her last name.’ ‘No, what I meant was … yeah, yeah, her last name’s Fairley.’” –Pozzo

“Earlier: ‘Rusty is still just a stupid kid who reads comic books.’ Today: ‘I LOVE reading the funny pages.’ Mark is definitely a complex guy, containing multitudes.” –Everything Is Better With Monkeys

“Blondie must play a dangerous game: enough food scent to sexually arouse her husband, not enough to awaken his obvious cannibal tendencies.” –Ettorre

“I can only imagine how disgusted Rex is when he looks around at his fellow passengers. Each year, the American Posture Association spends millions educating the public about the dangers of slouching — brochures, PSAs, robocalls — and still the message isn’t getting out there.” –Joe Blevins

“So…the plane they were on was so ramshackle that there’s no working radio equipment on it or other way to trace their location? I’m starting to think Mr. ‘I’m going to sue’ Hawaiian shirt guy is actually the most realistic and relatable character in this storyline.” –Her Father, John Darling

“No, really, Max. I’m desperate for a win, here! Rub this salve on your face to cause a reaction that looks like acne, and talk about Pogs and Furbies and whatever else kids are into these days” –JJ48

“The terrible empty Entity of which Dagwood is but a protrusion into our reality prefers that there be no witnesses to its ritualistic feeding.” –Dread

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