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Mark Trail, 2/6/19

Welp, all the parts of this Mark Trail storyline that involve children in peril have been resolved to everybody’s satisfaction, so we’re getting to the much more harrowing part of the plot: when Mark and Cherry earnestly discuss whether or not Rusty has developed sex feelings. “Sex feelings can be very intense, especially if they’re not reciprocated!” says Cherry, who’s been lounging in a bikini for days next to Mark, who hasn’t so much as looked at her. “I’ve never experienced a sex feeling and have no plans to in the future, so I don’t see why Rusty would!” says Mark, who’s also clearly never read a comic book, either.

Funky Winkerbean, 2/6/19

Ha ha, it’s funny because Bull’s TBI-induced dementia means that he can’t even enjoy his honors and achievements, because they only trigger nagging reminders of half-remembered wrongdoings and send him into a panic!