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Sam and Silo, 1/8/20

I haven’t been on the Sam and Silo train for that long, but the overall vibe has always been that it’s an extremely low-stakes strip about two lazy, incompetent cops who have the good fortune to work in a tiny community without any real crime. So it’s a little bit of a shock today to see our heroes suddenly trudging through the winter forest, guns drawn and more or less ready, on the hunt for a dangerous, desperate criminal who will no doubt decide that it’s them or him if they end up cornering him. Honestly, this strip would be just as funny and a lot more poignant if the exchange happened as a gut-shot Silo (or Sam, I honestly can not be bothered to keep track of which is which) bled out in the snow, just a few feet away from their quarry, who’s doing the same.

Mark Trail, 1/8/20

“Unable to withstand the elements or not enough money … all kinds of reasons! Well, really just those two. But aren’t they good enough? Doesn’t the failure of just about every exploratory expedition come down to either inadequate resources or inability to deal with the conditions in the area you’re exploring??? So those reasons cover all the other reasons????? GET OFF MY BACK TRAIL!!!!!!”