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Folks, your first COTW of the ’20s coming in a moment, but first: don’t forget that Conor Lastowka and I will be putting on a special version of the Internet Read Aloud show at SF Sketchfest on Saturday, January 18, featuring Bill Corbett of MST3K/Rifftrax, Laser Malena-Webber of the Doubleclicks, standup Natasha Muse, and more!

Tickets are limited so buy some now!

And now, with that out of the way: it’s your long-awaited COMMENT OF THE WEEK!

“You can tell he’s a millennial because he’s not wearing a tie with his suit at the restaurant.” –Kevin Keeney, on Facebook

Your runners up are also hilarious!

“Wait, Heloise is the Phantom’s daughter? The lady who gives me hints??” –ratnerstar

“‘But Dad, shouldn’t Khe Pandjang’s remains be returned to the homeland he fought so bravely for, instead of lying forgotten in a vault under the initials of what I assume is a colonialist approximation of his real name?’ ‘LOTS TO SEE LET’S MOVE ON’” –TheDiva

“I don’t know much of anything about raisin’ kids! Now, raisin adults? That’s somethin’ I figgered I could he’p with. Yep, back in the ’80-aughts, when I was a simple ol’ creative director at Foote, Cone & Belding SF, the California Raisin Advisory Board asked for a new commercial. I said make the little nippers sing! True story. Now, who wants some biscuits in hot milk?” –BigTed

“Maybe brain-teasers are just part of the Bildung a member of the animal elite is supposed to master, like poetry-writing for Chinese Mandarins: nice, useless, and signalling status. Slylock earns his living by holding ‘thinking outside the box’ seminars for Silicon Valley types.” –Ettorre

“Considering the glacial pacing of all stories in this strip, just what the hell is Mark’s big hurry? Is he worried about the parking fees he’s racking up at the local airport?” –Guillermo el chiclero

“What’s with the expression on the orange-hatted kid? Close up, I can’t decide if it is more ‘misery’ or ‘junior serial killer.’” –Cloudbuster

“In the background in Dennis the Menace, a child gleefully celebrates the return of the blue orb. Where has it been? What secrets will it whisper? The blue orb has seen things, child, and it knows things. Menacing things.” –Voshkod

“No, no, this is actually refreshing. Whenever Joey notices the fourth wall, he just cries and runs away.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“But if you want to get all analytical and ‘Monday morning quarterback’ about it, the main reason those other expeditions failed is that they didn’t find him.” –Handsome Harry Backstayge, Idol of a Million Other Women

“I think ‘party members kept questioning the doctor and so were murdered before the expedition could get results’ is being strongly implied as an additional reason.” –pachoo

“For a second there, I thought Vitamin had taken serious liberties with his revival of West Side Story.” –Joe Blevins

“Much like everyone else in this strip, Tildy is not a character and will never be one.” –Noel

“I think the product placement for Ensure really crosses the line.” –Dennis Jimenez

“You will note, Watson, the gray splashes of mud on Miss Fifi’s paws. It is the distinct shade of gray found in the clay soil at Toad Hop and nowhere else in the vicinity. When it comes to soil, there are far more than 50 shades of gray — I have written a monograph on the topic of some small repute. Note also, the splashes are still wet, testifying that she has here directly from there. This means she could not have been in Gnaw Bone at the time of the murder. Now, Miss Fifi, give us your story. It will go better with you if you come clean.” –erdmann

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