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Funky Winkerbean, 2/9/20

I have barely been able work up the energy to try to follow the emotional contours of this week’s Funky Winkerbean, which involve this rich art patron lady teasing the various artists over at Atomic Comix with the prospect of a windfall payday for their mediocre drawings, but … are Darrin and Jessica in financial trouble? Like, are they so hard up for cash that Darrin needs to desperately draw through lunch so that this patroness can ensure that they aren’t turned out of their home by the bank? Because I’ve given it some thought and that’s the sort of Funkyverse misery I’d enjoy reading about, actually.

Daddy Daze, 2/9/20

I’m slowly coming to understand the world of Daddy Daze. For instance, it’s totally unsurprising to see the Daddy Daze baby crawling around on the floor and just eating garbage that’s been lying there for who knows how long. That absolutely tracks. The question I have is: does the Daddy Daze daddy’s house have any furniture in it? Like, at all?