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Mary Worth, 3/20/20

I think as we accelerate into this pandemic, more and more comics are going to be taking on unexpected resonance that wasn’t intended when they were written and sent to the syndicate months ago. Surely the original intent of this strip was “oh my GOD Dawn is CHEATING ON HER HOT, ABSENT FRENCH BOYFRIEND by MAKING FLIRTATIOUS INCIDENTAL PHYSICAL CONTENT with ANOTHER MAN like the WHORE SHE IS” but what I’m getting out of it today is “oh my GOD Dawn is SITTING ONLY A FEW FEET FROM JARED and even TOUCHING HIM even though they HAVEN’T WASHED THEIR HANDS and sure she’s young and probably would be ok if she developed symptoms, but what if she brought the coronavirus back to CHARTERSTONE and infected VULNERABLE OLDER ADULTS like Mary and Ian and Dr. Jeff and … you know, let’s not be too hasty about panicking here, hmmm.”

Mark Trail, 3/20/20

I think it maybe did too much for your self-esteem, buddy. Look at that smug expression! Any more self-esteem and you’re gonna sprain your entire face!