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Gasoline Alley, 3/18/20

One of Gasoline Alley’s most prominent characters is a World War I veteran, so it’s a strip that’s admittedly somewhat untethered from our timeline, but I was still prompted by this strip to look up when the international whaling ban went into effect and was surprised to learn it was 1986 — much more recently than I expected! So it’s not too unrealistic for Baleen to have worked on a commercial whaling ship in her youth, or maybe even on the Icelandic, Norwegian, or Japanese ships that continue the practice despite the ban. The important thing is that “glabella” is like Proust’s madeleine for her, the mere word immediately evoking the image of firing a bolt of metal between the eyes of some majestic, intelligent, endangered sea beast, shattering its skull and pushing on right into its brain.

Six Chix, 3/18/20

Now, I don’t want to criticize here, because you’re a tiny robin that mastered human speech and that’s pretty impressive, but … it actually sounds like you do care which game he puts on? It sounds like you care quite a bit, honestly!