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What’s that? It’s your comment of the week!

“And I want to talk to you about what Don Henley himself did for the love of it. That’s right, cocaine, lots of it! That and treating his band mates like disposable hired help. But mostly, let’s talk cocaine! You need it, I have it!” –Rhino Sandberg

And holy cow, it’s also your runners up!

Cayla smirks for the same reason we all do. Les is hateful and his suffering is delicious.” –T.H. steady

It’s Lisa’s story, not the world’s. Everyone should pay me just for being me, not demanding that I provide them with some kind of product or service.” –Peanut Gallery

“It takes a truly mature comic to stop their own narrative and just say ‘Look, over the last couple weeks we tried to bring forth a thoughtful and poignant message through the medium of daily comics, but we failed. Why don’t you just look up this popular song instead? It’s actually does much better job of conveying what we meant.’” –pugfuggly

“‘This is still a traditional and still-warm power lunch stop.’ It’s way too early in the day for me to feel like I’ve had a stroke. Goddammit Funky, just use normal people words.” –jeltranksss

Gasoline Alley has its finger right on the pulse of the zeitgeist as usual. If there’s one complaint Don Henley gets the most about his music, it’s that it’s too loud.” –Chance

“Wait a second … he’s your ‘friend’? Meaning he’s going to pine for you, act like a jealous jerk, and ultimately try to steal you away from your significant other? Because that’s my definition of how a friend acts. I may have whew’d prematurely.” –Jenna

“‘Lisa’s Story is about Les’ is the smoking gun we all long ago lost our will to care about.” –C Trombley, on Twitter

“If Halftrack would invest in a door, this strip would lose a good 20% of its opportunity for ‘humor.’” –Pozzo

“The elevator pitch? ‘Like Love Story, but with bigger assholes.’” –Handsome Harry Backstayge, Idol of a Million Other Women

“At this point, I’m thinking Mason has arranged this whole trip as an elaborate ‘let’s humiliate Les’ exercise. The ‘producers’ they’re meeting with are actually just friends of his who are in on the gag, and they’re secretly recording all of the sessions and will distribute a highlights reel once this is over. It’s a lot of work, sure, but it’s for a worthy cause.” –Dmsilev

“A male plugger happily doing the dishes is difficult to believe, but his wearing an apron pushes it to impossibility. Today’s comic is going to provoke a bunch of protests at state capitals across the country.” –nescio

“Yeah, I thought Jared’s car would be held together simply by the sheer power of his overwhelming neediness.” –2+2=7

“Look, I may be bored as hell by the subject matter, or skeptical of Buck’s ability to unload Truck’s merch online — but I am amazed and impressed by the way these guys hold their cell phones. Do you smell something meaty with cabbage? Yeah, that’s right — it’s a Reuben.” –Old (Home) School Allie Cat

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