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Marvin, 5/15/20

At first I was going to comment that it seems weird that Jeff used “this room” for what’s obviously the bathroom. But then I realized how absolutely enormous that bathroom is. In their desperate attempt to somehow get Marvin to start pooping in the toilet, have they tried to “normalize” bathroom activities so that instead of being a small room shamefully walled off from the rest of the family life, the bathroom has become the centerpiece of the home; they’ve knocked down so many walls that most of everyday living now takes place in the vast open space they now refer to, generically, as “this room.” Definitely the saddest part is that it hasn’t worked, although a close second in sadness is the fact that it’s apparently pretty disgusting.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 5/15/20

Finally! Truck’s problems are about to be solved by …. e-commerce! You guys heard about this “internet” thing? You guys heard you can sell things on it now? Truly crazy, folks, truly crazy.