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It’s time for your comment of the week!

“Change dot org petition to end every Mark Trail comic like this. ‘Well, Cherry, the lifespan of the common wood beetle is roughly’ [JUMP CUT TO BEAR]” –Dan

It’s time for your runners up!

“I have to give the Pluggers artist credit for their ability to imply a dog with a receding hairline. It shouldn’t work but it does.” –RexDartEskimoPi, on Twitter

“Who’s speaking here? Loretta’s gritting her teeth, and Leroy looks like he’s panting too heavily to be coherent. Maybe the car itself is voicing a vague threat, which explains their scramble to escape.” –Bill L

“I like to think Dagwood has been around so long, (Interjection: ‘How long has he been around, Johnny?’) so long, that he still acts like the phone has a cord, out of habit. He can’t place a call because he picks it up and waits to hear, ‘Number, please?’ Dagwood misses yield signs because he thinks they’re still yellow. He never turns his high beams off because there’s no switch on the floorboard.” –White Rabbit

Mark Trail suddenly looking like a gritty Pluggers reboot.” –pugfuggly

“Last month they read Irma’s choice, Anna Karenina. ‘Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,’ Irma slurred after her fifth shot of vodka, ‘and ladies, I’m living proof.’” –Mr. A

“The real headline in Sarge’s paper today: ‘Man Ghosts Dog.’” –Marcus Theory

“Why does it seem like Lilian is staring incredulously at that woman’s retreating butt? Some people have butts, Lilian. You’ll have to learn to cope.” –made of wince

“‘The Thinker is looking at his phone‘: Bad topical joke, late to the phenomenon. ‘The Thinker is touching his face’: topical and timely.” —Ettorre

“That stunned look is Lilian finally registering that her books are someone’s favorites. It’s the cognitive dissonance, more than the missed opportunity to sell a woman a book her mother already owns, that will eventually cause her delicate mind to snap. ‘I’m tired of WRITING about murders,’ Lilian will say out loud, to no one. ‘I think it’s time to try my hand at COMMITTING them.’ (Spoiler alert: She’ll turn out to be equally terrible at both.)” –Doctor Moreau

“Congratulations to Andy on obtaining Large Foreground Creature With The Conversation Far In The Back status.” –nescio

“Why would you ever ask Les if he’s ‘excited’ about something? What do you think his answer is going to be?” –Joe Blevins

“That’s not a separate compound next to Mark’s house. That’s Cherry’s house, so they can sleep without their private parts sharing nighttime air.” –Jen

“Luckily, when COVID-45 hits they’ll have this strip to pull out of the archives.” –Randllw

“Soon, the Family Circus children will attack each other in an attempt to win their father’s love and to obtain the pride of being the gift-bearer. This was all in the plan: for this father’s day, the only true gift he wanted was bloodsport.” –Mike Podgor

“Well, let’s see — who’s paying for this gift? That’s right. You kids want your Daddy’s affection, you earn it with macaroni and glue.” –Bill L

“Fascinating to see Marvin of all comics take an early stance on a topic that’s been highly debated as of late. Going to present the essential rhetorical question, ‘Who needs cops when we have bladders?’ at the next town hall meeting I’m allowed to attend.” –Irrischano

“If Gil Thorp ends with Corina hitting the winning home run against the Mudlarks, I’ll be happy. If, as she runs the bases in triumph, The Mayor starts triggering the carefully planted explosives around the field, I’ll be really happy. She runs on dark summer night under the floodlights, and as she clears each base, it explodes, throwing shrapnel and Mudlarks across the infield. She slides for home as the light towers go down, shedding sparks like falling stars. She stands, covered in dirt, as the pitcher’s mound detonates, and sheds her helmet, tossing it aloft as the bleachers erupt in fire and The Mayor runs out of the dugout to embrace her. That’s how you hit a home run, and that’s how you end a comic.” –Voshkod

“‘Someone has to protect Lisa.’ From being played by an actress Les saw in an in-flight movie. At an audition all three characters don’t want to be at, for a movie the main character doesn’t want to make at all. If you don’t see the deep emotional stakes here, you just don’t get Funky Winkerbean.” –Banana Jr. 6000

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