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Hey all! Just a reminder that the Zoom version of my live comedy show, the Interent Read Aloud, is tonight!

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But before the laughter, there’s … other laughter, at this week’s comment of the week.

“As an exhausted parent who sometimes feigns busy-ness just to get a few moments’ rest from the relentless magical narcissism whimsy of small children, I’ll just say that Bil and Thel studiously reading every last word on the back covers of their respective periodicals, like starving jackals picking every last bit of marrow from a bone, is a major feel.” –Effluvius Erratus

And your runners up are laughworthy as well!

“Beetle is thinking, ‘Man, it’s gonna be a long ride back to camp on the Picasso bus.’” –Peanut Gallery

“I finally understand why George yells at Dennis even when he’s not much of a menace. ‘He’s a bored and depressed old man, son. Try not to take it personally.’” –SeaCountry

“Loweezy finally left Snuffy and ran off with someone possessing a superior personality, a teddy bear. She likes ’em short.” –nescio

“Has mustache twirling gone out of style? It seems like beard stroking is all the rage with the huckster crowd these days.” –Wilktoast

“I think the ‘KEEP OUT’ sign reveals that this neighbor may not be concerned that Leroy was revealing what happened in a show that came out FIVE MONTHS ago, and is instead disturbed that Leroy was trespassing in his backyard at 3 a.m. to do it.” –Johnny Johnson, on Twitter

“No, no, no, my good friend and neighbor. Season three of Ozark was quite trite; your spoilers only prevented disappointment. This is the palisade wall for my reproduction of the keep at Oût in the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Yes, surely you recall the siege of Oût, where Saladin’s brave men battled Richard’s courageous Crusaders in hand-to-hand skirmishes that determined the fate of the Holy Land? Soon, old pal of mine, you will have a full-sized Crusader keep next door. Oh, yes, it will help resale value, particularly the authentic privies, which will empty into your back yard. Enjoy your frosty beverages!” –Voshkod

“Stress and repressed shame of the outlaw life is getting to Rene, so now his hands shake uncontrollably. He can’t go back to painting if he wanted to, so he dives deeper into crime, hoping the shaking gets bad enough to get him transfered to Dick Tracy.” –ArtOfWargames, on Twitter

“And Madi, when you call on her, make sure the chalk circle is FULLY CLOSED before you draw the pentagram. You don’t want her getting out before you can bind her.” –richardf8

“Having found all of the normal methods of educating the aging public about phone scams to be futile, the feds are turning to their last resort option: Rex Morgan, M.D.” –mary!

“Okay, Phantom’s Daughter’s Friend, for this next take, I want you to give me the kind of wide-eyed, gape-mouthed reaction rarely seen outside of silent movies and Three Stooges shorts. Remove any trace of subtlety from your performance. I want your facial expression to be readable from space. And … go!” –Joe Blevins

“Should they get Marvin a dog, hoping he will learn by example to poop in the yard? Or a cat, to teach him how to use a box? Which will make it easier on Marvin’s new foster parents when Jeff and Jenny dump him at the fire station and drive off into a new life?” –K.M.

“When the apocalypse comes, Loweezy’s tulips, capable of blooming their way straight through a sturdy cardboard box, will rule us all.” –pastordan

“‘A goldfish? With their short lives, we’d just wind up flushing it down the toilet.’ ‘No, I just meant one of those little crackers. He can play with it and won’t know the difference. He’s a baby, remember?’” –The Breathtaking Bonehead Brothers

“Thel is thinking: ‘One week ago they were miserable in the woods, but now they have already reframed their past through rose-tinted glasses, forgetting all their suffering. This is promising for how I will be treated in their therapy sessions!’” –Ettorre

“Empowerment and so on is all very well; but I really think militarizing maids and housekeepers has gone a little too far.” –odinthor

“Thel’s magazine cover story is about how supermodels emerge from the cocoon.” –RogerBW

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