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Hi and Lois, 11/30/20

The full range of generational reactions on display here really makes this comic for me. Chip is, as one expects, contemptuous; Lois is pleased to have a nice “conversation piece” for the living room and Hi is more bemused anything elese. But Dot and Ditto are fucking gobsmacked by the existence of this encyclopedia, on some very fundamental level. They’re like “Books? On paper? We heard about these things, but we’ve never seen them before. And now there are a bunch of them, right here in the house. Holy shit. Holy shit.

Mary Worth, 11/30/20

Sorry Tommy: what Brandy needs to talk about it that she’s about to start a union organizing drive at Freda’s and the last thing she needs to deal with are any kiss-asses amongst the workers. Looks like you picked the wrong time to try to impress your boss!