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Folks! Now is the time when I take my traditional end-of-year break from blogging! Thank you all for hanging in here for 2020, which has turned out to be not …… the GREATEST possible year for all concerned. Fortunately, the production of comic strips, and the mocking thereof, are things that can happen at a social distance, and I promise to keep up my end of that operation as we head towards the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. See you in 2021, but until then, enjoy this final comment of the week:

“Santa is examining Overall Guy’s mouth to determine his recent facial expressions. He’d better not have been pouting.” –A Concerned Reader

And enjoy these hilarious runners up as well!

“This legacy strip is pulling out all the stops today and using everything they’ve got in their tiny toolbox. Dagwood likes baths, Dagwood loves food, the dog is a passive participant in Dagwood’s antics, Blondie is cooking while repping the westside, the clone children are remarking on their Dagwood’s wackiness while beep-booping on their newfangled techno-gizmos, and the puns are clumsy as can be. Except for Elmo, a bird store, and Dagwood shirking his work responsibilities, pretty much every traditional Blondie comedic element is on display.” –jroggs

“Dustdad knows that most people don’t remember or care much about It’s a Wonderful Life apart from the third act. Dustmom, meanwhile, reflects on the scene where Mary is revealed to be an unmarried career girl and how one person’s nightmare alternate reality is another’s road not taken.” –TheDiva

Sprite came up with a catchier parody of ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,’ Dagwood. I’m disapp– no, this is about exactly what I’d expect from you.” –Enlong

“Dustin’s father is losing his mind and he will soon be a burden to his wife, so he wants to rub it in her face that he will continue to piss and shit, even when the cleaning will be somebody else’s responsibility.” –Ettorre

“In a salmonella-induced fever frenzy, Dennis attempts to draw the offending chicken, along with the caption ‘Help! I think my mom is trying to kill me!’ It comes out looking like a crude sentient ball underneath nonsensical runes. Henry proudly tapes it over his bed, because it’s the most competent drawing Dennis has ever made.” –made of wince

“That’s quite a pitch: ‘Your last guy left town, and you haven’t cared enough to find anyone else. What do you have to lose?’” –But What Do I Know?

“I see they’re starting off strong with the nerd-dunking-on. Look at this goober who doesn’t know his US states! That’s the one thing nerds are good for, and he can’t even get that right!” –Nemryn

“Is there something behind you, Santa? Something threatening, perhaps? It would be normal for parents to be watching me and you interacting, but they’re looking behind you. It could be that something horrible is about to happen to you, couldn’t it? We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we? Give me the right presents, man, and nothing need happen at all. Got that, Beardy?” –odinthor

“The lack of masks suggests that the pandemic did not happen in the Dennis the Menace universe. So it’s possible Henry and Alice are asking for ‘a better 2021’ for strictly personal reasons and that ‘us’ refers to the Mitchells, not humanity. So please, Santa, let Henry dig his way out of his gambling debts next year … or at least let this family enjoy one meal that doesn’t escalate into an argument. That’s all they ask.” –Joe Blevins

“From Dennis’s black and red scarf I gather that he’s taken to supporting the AC Milan football club. A way to get on Gina’s good side? Someone have a little crush? Anyway, they’ve had a winning season so I don’t see what he’s complaining about.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Dinkle ran things like the… Prussians? Leave it to Funky Winkerbean to get Godwin’s Law wrong.” –Banana Jr. 6000

“Retail is known for being totally cool with it when their employees say ‘Good news, boss! I got a new job, so here are the hours I can’t work any more.’” –Malaclypse, on Twitter

“How is Tommy planning on working 18-hour days? Not by using drugs, that’s for sure!” –Ace

“Assuming that ‘school monitor’ is a job for which Tommy has the necessary qualifications, it likely means that he goes to the school every day and checks off a box on a form saying ‘Yep, it’s still here.’” –seismic-2

“Seriously, is Funky old enough for OK Boomer? Because OK, Boomer.” –Everything Is Better With Monkeys

“The terror on the face of that farmer, a salt of the earth Middle American, as he realizes he’s being subjected to one of the greatest horrors imaginable: free dental care.” –Tabby Lavalamp

“Hugging my teddy bear was my way of self-soothing, back when you were an inanimate object! God, I regret wishing you to life.” –Mr. A

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