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It’s your comment of the week, right … now!

“Don’t worry folks, this extremely tedious series of strips where Harry smugly inventories his experience as high school band leader to confirm that it has prepared him to lead a church choir is going somewhere. Eventually one of the indistinguishable old ladies will mention an aspect of choir that Harry will have to admit he had no experience with, at which point he will be paraded up a hill and sacrificed to the Wicker Man.” –Francisco Arrowroot

And your runners up, also right now!

“For years, pediatricians have strongly recommended against pillows in the crib, for risk of SIDS. But we all know what ‘crud’ is synonymous with. Marvin shit the bed so violently that the artist had no choice but to draw a life-threatening cushion to block the carnage from view.” –Carsick Yankee

“Hey, did you know that despite the powerful enzymes in their stomachs, birds of prey still have problems digesting bits of bone and hair, which they vomit up in little hardened pellets. Anyhow, just a random bird fact to enjoy while you read today’s comic.” –pugfuggly

“Boy, it didn’t take long for this situation to go from ‘WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!’ to ‘WE NEED TO STAND AROUND AND TALK ABOUT THIS FOR A WHILE, AS SLOWLY AND VAGUELY AS POSSIBLE!’” –Joe Blevins

“I realize getting punched out and left unconscious is not fun. I still think, however, that Sam’s eyebrows should get a short break. Couldn’t his forehead relax just enough to let the brows become a little less frowny?” –Poteet

“June busily ties an ear onto her head.” –Ukulele Ike

“If there is any comfort to be had from Crankshaft, it’s that Ed receives as little pleasure from his half-hearted wordplay as he gives.” –TheDiva

“[RING RING] ‘Oh no … not now … not today!’ ‘Ugh … hello, this is Drew Cory.’ ‘Drew! Your house is falling over! You need to get out of there right now!’ ‘But it’s supposed to be my day oooooooff!’” –jroggs

Buck’s go-to emotion is ‘wary of something slightly up and to his left.’” –Dan

“Try your best to not imagine what pops up in Harry Dinkle’s thought balloon when someone calls him ‘asshole’ (which I assume happens pretty regularly). Have a nice day!” –Handsome Harry Backstayge, Idol of a Million Other Women

“Two things I know about New York is that rats are horrible, and cars don’t slow down for pedestrians. That evil rodent is using the old lady as a shield! Next he’ll turnstile-jump in the subway, eat a pizza slice in the dumpster of the very worst Original Ray’s, and give the new movie version of West Side Story a bad review in Newsday.” –BigTed

“He’s a righteous rat who loves his city but isn’t afraid to break the rules — in this case the square cube law.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Hi is shocked at the capitalist overlord’s casual oppression of the proletariat. ‘Why may not the working class go pantsless?’ he reflected; ‘Are we ever shackled to suffer the indignities of unthinking bourgeois preconceptions?’ It was at the very next coffee break that he and his comrades began to whisper of beginning the great struggle — the People’s struggle — to assert Man’s undeniable right to go pantsless now … and forever…” –odinthor

“Say what you will about Leroy and Loretta’s marriage, but Loretta isn’t going to let her husband be jeered and ridiculed by everyone at his office. Jeering and ridiculing Leroy is HER job, and she’ll be damned if she lets anyone else horn in on her turf.” –Mr. A

“I noticed a flesh-coloured area in the window. That’s not a simple ‘shine.’ That’s the reflection of the arm of a 50ft angry Ashlee coming to tear the hospital apart with her bare hands, grab Drew, then climb a skyscraper while swatting at helicopters.” –The Rambling Otter

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