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Judge Parker, 5/8/21

You ever spend like 15 minutes of your day staring at a comic strip character’s ear? Zooming in on the image file while yelling “Enhance! ENHANCE!” at nobody in particular? No? You haven’t? That’s just me, a guy who started a comics blog on a lark in 2004 and this is my life now? Well, anyway, I’ve spent some time looking in April’s right ear, and it certainly doesn’t look like she’s wearing an earpiece, and you’d think that she would’ve lost access to any truly invisible gee-whiz tech when she parted company with the CIA. Maybe she’s just doing the “putting her finger to her ear so she can listen to her earpiece better” thing to impress Randy? Or maybe she’s just using her spy instincts and I’m misinterpreting it. “Twinge in my knee? That means a rainstorm’s brewing. Twinge in my jaw? That means they’re coming.”

Crankshaft, 5/8/21

You ever open the comics page and get the distant echo of a joke that probably seemed extremely topical and funny a year ago, when it was written? That’s gonna be the experience of reading the Funkyverse strips for the next who knows how long!