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It’s the 2021 Comics Curmudgeon Summer Fundraiser!

When The Comics Curmudgeon started back in the misty mists of 2004, blogs supported themselves by advertising, and the occasional Tip Jar hit from a generous reader. Well, time marches on and online advertising revenues have cratered, but clever people have developed technologies to suit the contribution styles of any reader.

  • Commenters can enjoy an ad-free online experience, a WYSIWYG comment editor, plus ten full minutes to fix that spelling error, incorrectly configured HTML tag, or legally indefensible libel. It’s a lifesaver, let me tell you! Become a Website Subscriber to The Comics Curmudgeon at the link.
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  • Patrons of the arts will enjoy the opportunity to support all of Josh’s comedic efforts— The Comics Curmudgeon, The Internet Read Aloud, and more, with support through Josh’s Patreon page. It’s like you’re Lorenzo de’ Medici (Il Magnifico!) or something, without all the murders!
  • Traditionalists give the old-fashioned way—PayPal! Click the banner upstairs to make a one-time contribution from your PayPal or credit-card account.
  • Pluggers don’t much cotton to all this seamless, virtual, new-fangled nonsense. They send money in the mail, and we better by-gum like it! We do indeed— just request Josh’s address, where you can send cash, checks, conflict diamonds, banned pharmaceuticals, live ruminants, and more. Short on funds? Hock your TV!
  • Seamless app cloud!
  • Kids today embrace incomprehensible instant-payment applications like Venmo, which turn photos of speckled squares into financial support for cultural icon Josh Fruhlinger. Sounds sketchy— try it!
  • Drive-by readers can help boost advertising revenues by turning off their ad-blockers selectively for this site, and occasionally clicking an ad that looks interesting. Every little bit helps!

Contributions in any form are completely confidential and deeply appreciated.

Click here for an index of links to an absurd number of Comics Curmudgeon fundraising banners stretching all the way back to 2008. And thank you, generous reader!

— Uncle Lumpy