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Enjoy digesting your Thanksgiving meal (or whatever meal, I don’t judge) with this comment of the week:

“Wilbur is a ‘diamond in the rough’ in the sense that dealing with him involves immense human suffering, and his value is overinflated.” –TheDiva

These runners up are also something to be thankful for!

Huntin’? Nope, been hikin’! Haw haw! But in all seriousness, it looks like we ain’t eatin’ today.” –jroggs

“Sarge, you liar, you said you had to ‘go yell at Beetle,’ but then all you did was dully answer a question and then, a few panels later, ask for a progress report. I can excuse the attempted murder of one of your soldiers, but lying to a dog? Unacceptable!” –Joe Blevins

“So …. Angus is the strongest baby in the world? From now on I’m going to interpret his ba’s as ‘I could kill you,’ ‘I could so kill you,’ and ‘Your whimsical observations would not prevent me from killing you.’” –jenna

“I think it’s probably worth noting that this poor, beaten Viking not only offers Hagar sage advice about the future, but also appears to be wearing the same outfit. Is he perhaps receiving a dire vision of things to come? This may or may not be supported by how this other Viking does not appear in the first panel, and in fact seems to surprise Hagar with his response. I say maybe because regular human interaction does seem to be lost on Walker-Browne most of the time.” –Manjack

“The moral: Neither hypnosis or psychology will help you if your offensive line sucks.” –Little Blue Bicycle

“Mary mixes up another batch of ‘Meddlin’ Muffins’ as she cooks up the next plot development in Wilbur’s relationship with Estelle. She sets the oven for 550 degrees and the timer for seven hours. ‘I do believe they will be badly burnt,’ she breathes with a smile.” –Charterstoned

“It’s Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Things will have to move pretty fast, especially for a comic strip, but there’s still enough time for Wilbur to get swept up when an unnamed federal agency storms Pets R Us for blatantly violating the trademark of a failing-but-still-extant toy chain. If he’s disappeared somewhere deep in a black-site detention center at an undisclosed location by Thursday, we will all truly have plenty to be thankful for.” –Doctor Moreau

“Is this what it will be like if I still have my wits and I end up living with a person with Alzheimer’s? No, I absolutely refuse to do such ludicrously unnatural expository dialogue. If they don’t remember who I am, I’ll just tell them I’m the UPS guy or something.” –Peanut Gallery

“Good thing we’re doing the ‘right’ thing and exploiting our young daughter’s skills to a corporation instead! Now there’s a group that’s known for respecting artistic talent in an ethical fashion!” –2+2=7

“At some point you’ve made enough muffins.” –Professor Well Actually

“Bow tie-wearing thug with a dame in a cabaret, boss in a gimp suit using ridiculous code names to talk about coworkers, owl-like bodyguard outside the door with a bullwhip, and all I can think is that most ridiculous thing in this strip is the idea that you can send texts in bold.” –pastordan

Heavy-lidded expression? Baking? California? I’m not sure if I’m more disappointed in Mary Worth for getting involved with pot or in pot for getting involved with Mary Worth.” –Irrischana

“Harry has bodies in the basement! But they’re frozen turkeys! Human bodies would be tastier.” –Ettorre

“A comic strip called Funky Winkerbean has to remind you who or what a ‘Funky Winkerbean’ actually is, and now there’s no room for a joke.” –Rosstifer

“Absolutely dying for this plot to end with the revelation that yes, fish were too great a responsibility for Wilbur. He needed to sprinkle flakes in water once a day and occasionally clean a glass box, and wound up just shouting at them that his girlfriend left him, do you understand, no it’s always about you and your problems, god even these fish don’t like me. ‘A diamond in the rough,’ Mary chuckles as Wilbur dangles fish #2 over the toilet.” –Dan

“‘The Dinkles host a super-spreader event’ is not a plotline I expected to see here but is one I am very much looking forward to. Get closer, everyone! Talk right into each other’s mouths!” –pugfuggly

“From very recent experience, I can tell you that you can cook a meal or you can stand around introducing people, but you can’t do both.” –Handsome Harry Backstayge, Idol of a Million Other Women

“Wilbur’s quest for existential and romantic fulfillment takes a merry turn as he lugs the aquarium down to the ocean in hopes of attracting a mermaid.” –Daisy

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