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Mary Worth, 1/23/22

Oh my GOD, the island ISN’T EVEN DESERTED, Wilbur is going to be FINE, just FINE. I don’t want to overstate things, but this is absolutely, positively, the greatest injustice in all of recorded human history. He’s not even going to take the opportunity to finally, actually stop drinking this time because all the obnoxious Australians/Floridians (depending on what ocean we’re in) are absolutely going to be buying him round after round of free booze once he stumbles in there and tells his story.

Pardon My Planet, 1/23/22

Ha ha, it’s funny because this guy is so economically desperate that he’s begging some spirit being to rip all his teeth out of head just for a few more dollars! Sure, he needs to buy food, but what are you going to chew it with, buddy? What are you gonna chew it with