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Friends, it’s comment of the week time. That’s what’s happening right now. Here’s this week’s top comment:

“To our fans: We apologize sincerely for last week’s attempt to add action and plot development to our strip. We now understand what keeps true Rex-heads coming back day after day, and vow to continue bringing our biggest fans the content they crave: Buck Talking On the Phone.” –Drew Funk

And here’s your runners up. They’re very funny as you can see!

Say, young lady, you ever heard of a movie called Weekend at Bernie’s? Because you’re going to wish your future husband had that much respect for you.” –Needless_Exposition

Before I go … I just have to see the old high school again … Ah, just as I remember it! A functional but uninspiring building surrounded by dispirited young people! There’s one now! I think I’ll walk up to her and say some disturbingly vague things that’ll make her uncomfortable! Gee whiz, what a time travel adventure this is!” –Joe Blevins

“When Crankshaft says ‘420 blaze it,’ he’s referring to his most recent arson death toll.” –jroggs

“Well, if you didn’t think anybody was dressing up like comic book characters and patrolling the streets, then one guy doing it, sort of, with a broom, technically qualifies as ‘more so.’” –Effluvius Erratus

“Buck doesn’t have to ask which news story Rex is referring to. It’s the comic book one. It has to be the comic book one. There is literally no other reason Rex would text Buck.” –Ace

“Rex puts two ‘-‘s into his texts to indicate separate but related clauses instead of just one, or a comma, or nothing. You have to admire a man committed enough to pedantry that he’ll access the punctuation panel on his phone’s keyboard while texting his dumb friend about an idle thought he had while watching some stupid news story. This is what he went to med school for.” –Truckosaurus

“I like how it looks as though Ian is raising his glass for a little cheers to his wife’s infidelity. ‘You’ve taken on a young lover? How European. Santé!’” –pugfuggly

“The hot cocoa is what gets me. I hear ‘he was saved by an elderly couple,’ I think they pulled him out of the path of a speeding car or something. But this panel tells me that he went to their home and raided their wine gasoline cellar in full view of their blonde … roommate? niece? … and then decided to reject their help? Tonsils, buddy: drink the cocoa, take the money, and borrow your benefactor’s babushka as a disguise. You’re only making it harder on yourself.” –els

Don’t make his mistake, Matt. It’s not too late to change your name to something stupidly obvious. Let’s see. Cowlick? Tsunami Hair? Giant Eye? The Monocle? You’d need a monocle for that one, of course.” –Voshkod

“Dustin’s dad’s favorite bit is shrugging and pointing to his ‘World’s Okayest Lawyer’ mug as his clients are dragged off to jail. He’s the office jokester, to be sure!” –jenna

“The true menace is Dennis boasting to the working-class-coded Gina about the privilege of his father’s white-collar job.” –matt w

“That is the lamest, most unrealistic depiction of a man shoveling snow that anyone has ever seen. With that kind of technique, Your Friendly Neighborhood Snow Removal Man is gonna freeze to death before he even finishes his own walk.” –Inspector Gotcha

“Greg Wilkins took the outdoor job for the smoke breaks. Priorities, man.” –Uncle Lumpy

“Toby, I’m going to teach you the basics of academia. The students are the enemy. Administration is the enemy. Your colleagues are the enemy. The founding bodies are the enemy. And yet you must go to bed with the enemy to do anything. So just apply to this job the experience from our marriage.” –Ettorre

“You know, Toby, on the continent the only proper way to eat posole is a la nez, as I’m doing here. Here you try it. Where are you going?” –Little Blue Bicycle

Throwing up in the car while the DMV guy is going off on ‘rap’ music.” –propserdave, on Twitter

“You’re extremely comfortable with your laziness when you choose to sleep next to the edge of a cliff, unworried about rolling over in your sleep since that would involve a minimum of effort.” –nescio

“Kudos to Snuffy for actually protecting the Earth by sleeping on a large patch of what appears to be coal, or maybe he’s floating on an oil patch. Either way these fossil fuels aren’t going to be used for energy. Just the opposite, in fact.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“Catch the size of that fridge in panel one! Even assuming Ian and Toby are short-statured, that thing’s wall-sized, enormous. What do they keep in it? Posole? Salmon loaf? The bitter remains of a love gone cold? Helen Moss’ frozen corpse? (Wine. It’s filled with gallon after gallon of Ian’s favorite boxed wine.)” –pastordan

“If this strip really wanted to shake things up they’d shave Ian’s beard and, I dunno, have him record a YouTube video called ‘It’s only natural for students to want to fuck their teachers’ to launch a Jordan Peterson-esque career arc.” –ArtOf Wargames, on Twitter

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