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Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 4/22/22

“Not only that, but his extreme laziness has inspired this whole town to shun honest work in the only profitable industry within a hundred miles of Hootin’ Holler: coal mining. You’re welcome, the Earth!”

Mary Worth, 4/22/22

Haha, Toby for this entire storyline has been like “Improper relationship? With me? And Cal? Helen? Is this what you’re implying? This makes no sense! I literally don’t understand the sentences you’re constructing on this topic! Truly baffling! It’s like you’re speaking Albanian!”, but all Ian has to do is casually mention that sometimes students pretend to flirt with teachers to improve their grades and Toby immediately goes to “that boy WANTS to fuck me and how DARE you say otherwise, he undresses me with his eyes for the entirety of every class and I LIKE IT”