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It’s your comment of the week!

“Really loving that last panel, in which it looks as if Gil is doing an ad for Cubs Brand Coffee. ‘We might not know what matters in the hoity-toity world of Manhattan journalism, but one thing we do appreciate is the smooth bold taste of a coffee roasted over a tire fire on the banks of Lake Michgan…’” –pugfuggly

And your very funny runners up!

“Why is there a question mark when Dick says ‘B.O. Plenty?’ After seventy years (or whatever), you’d think he’d be used to people he knows having stupid names.” –Pozzo

“Ah, yes, The Bucket List — the family-friendly movie that makes every child with a streaming service unnaturally aware of their own mortality. (Of course, E.T. and The Avengers: Endgame serve the same purpose — but at least in those movies, there’s the comforting sense that you might come back.)” –BigTed

“A plugger’s phone sex is frustrating for both parties involved.” –Hibbleton

“Okay, okay, I will admit to one other possible scenario in the Lockhorns: Given Loretta’s position — facing away from Leroy, one foot forward, chin tossed coquettishly over her shoulder — this is less a comics panel than stage design for the Lockhorns opera buffa the Met never staged. In this heartwarming and climactic duet, Loretta (played by Leontyne Price) launches into her triumphant ‘I told you so! I told you so!’ fan dance while Leroy (newcomer James Harrison Morales) hacks up gallon after gallon of bug cream in a tenor counterpoint, and eventually dies of liver failure. (Conducted by James Levine, who was later accused of groping Loretta.)” –pastordan

Today’s Mary Worth is very interesting. The art is full of signifiers of sad sack single male: microwaved pizza as lonely dinner, Star Wars shirt, talking to a pet. But the text conveys the opposite meaning: this male is desired and fought over by two young females. Is this semiological contradiction a clever, postmodern subversion of expectations or just incompetence and lack of communication between writer and artist? You decide! No seriously, it’s postmodernism, you decide!” –Ettorre

“Camp Swampy Enlistment Questionnaire: 1) Are you male? 2) Do you have comically-styled, coal-black hair?” –Carsick Yankee

“Sadly, the men at Camp Swampy were so inured to bad haircuts that no one noticed that Beetle’s perm throbbed slowly to the beating of an alien heart. The Permian symbiotes slowly conquered the Camp, and then the Pentagon, and then the world, leaving humanity in Permanent subjugation.” –Voshkod

“Well, at least the comic books will be happy together.” –Banana Jr. 6000

“I wish I were as satisfied with ANYTHING in my life as the Gil Thorp background guy is with his coffee.” –Pat Ferruzza, on Facebook

“Imagine a world where even in the private sanctuary of your bathroom, your own bodily wastes advertised targeted products to you as they streamed out. I hate to say it, but Marvin might just have accidentally created the best cyberpunk body horror dystopia of the century.” –Schroduck

“The best comics strips are the ones where you have to use your own imagination to make them amusing and in Marvin we’re not being shown the lower half of these two old men that makes it clear they are Cossack dancing while watching TV and grousing about kids today.” –Tabby Lavalamp

“Even as stupid as Funky Winkerbean characters can be, they would have figured out they had no gift quickly if they traveled there together. So they must have traveled separately, which is what I would do if I were either of them.” –nescio

“It’s actually TJ Hooker, the bugged William Shatner action figure Jared put in Dawn’s purse to spy on her.” –Jay Brutus

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