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Dennis the menace, 6/29/22

There are so many questions this panel raises — like where are any of these people and why is Henry wearing a suit jacket in the same … room? area? zone? … where a guy is lifting weights and is Dennis talking about his dad’s heart or his esophageal sphincter or what — but the one that truly pushes me over the edge is that Dennis is standing on what appears to be an ottoman. And why? The answer appears to be “so the various bits of clip art can all be in the frame together” but there’s already no real sense of where any of these people are in physical space so that seems wildly unnecessary. Just move Henry up a few inches. Or down! It doesn’t matter! Nothing matters!

Pluggers, 6/29/22

You know what does matter, though? Working so that America’s infrastructure becomes ADA compliant as our population ages unstoppably into pluggerdom. It’s good for pluggers and frankly good for all of us if physical mobility becomes easier. No notes on this one!