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Rex Morgan, M.D., 7/18/17

Just to show you where I’m at with Rex Morgan, M.D., emotionally, every once in a while a strip comes along where I can sort of visualize a potentially interesting story direction if I squint at it, but I don’t talk about here, but then it turns out soon afterwards that nothing actually interesting is going to come of it, and then I do talk about that here. So, like: yesterday, June’s old pal Margie, who’s shown up after having not seen June for many years, casually mentioned that her son and Michael Morgan were born on the same day, which … how could she know that??? Possibly because she’s been stalking the Morgans for a long time in prepration for some long-term grift or Single White Female situation? Anyway, turns out nope, it’s just that June sent a birth announcement to her hometown paper for some reason. Boring! I promise to keep you up to date as this situation singularly fails to develop.

Dennis the Menace, 7/18/17

“The trouble with Dennis is that he arrives more often than he leaves, in violation of the Law of Conservation of Dennises. With each new ‘hello’ without a corresponding ‘goodbye,’ another iteration of Dennis exists in the house. I’m not sure if this is just straight-up time travel or something much more complex involving the nature of causality, but our local section of the space-time continuum is definitely feeling the strain!”

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Mark Trail, 7/8/17

Oh, huh, I’m actually a little disappointed that Lesley’s fancy Escalade was only bashed into rubble by a she-walrus in paroxysms of panic and labor pain. My true hope was that the upholstery had been ruined by massive amounts of walrus placenta. I’m not a biologist, but I assume walrus afterbirth smells extremely bad.

Dennis the Menace, 7/8/17

This panel elicited a genuine laugh from me, because “we took our car for a boat ride!” is exactly the sort of entirely banal incident that would nevertheless completely blow Joey’s feeble mind.

Gasoline Alley, 7/8/17

I have absolutely zero interest in explaining whatever the hell it is that’s happening in Gasoline Alley right now. I just wanted to share the final panel with you, in which a leering, bearded, one-eyed (?) man announces to no one in particular that fish “will be even better tastin’ in my mouth!” HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYBODY

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Crock, 7/7/17

If you’re interested in a comic strip with jokes about working in a diner and navel rings, written by someone who only has a passing familiarity with how restaurant staffing, salad preparation, and navel rings work, then today’s Crock is for you, my friend!

Dennis the Menace, 7/7/17

Nice to see that the Mitchells are continuing to enjoy their psychosexual beach vacation!

Rex Morgan, M.D., 7/7/17

Welp, looks like Rex Morgan has wrapped up its thrilling “some teens are gay!” adventure and is ready to embark on a brand new thrilling “the Internet is a great way to reconnect with long-lost friends!” adventure.