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Here’s your comment of the week. Hopefully you like it, because this is what peak performance looks like.

“‘I was thinking we could take a trip to New York City over the holiday weekend.’ ‘That’s a nice idea, Leroy! Wait, you’re not just setting up an elaborate punchline at my expense, are you?’” –digamma

And here are your hilarious runners up!

“Looks like someone finally got my letters demanding Slylock ‘show scalp.’” –Windier E. Megatons, on Twitter

“I also like that there’s no ladder or steps on the lifeguard chair, so you can imagine Leroy awkwardly climbing the side.” –rrh

“My head canon is that Dustin’s dismembered body is inside that recycling bin.” –Joe Blevins

“I’m sorry, but you lost me. None of this makes any sense. I just asked you why you mistrust me, and you feed me something that sounds like a cross between Bugs Bunny and David Lynch that I cannot recall at all. I don’t even buy that I named my daughter Moon Maid, of all things.” –made of wince

“A middle-aged incel, a pompous pseudo-intellectual and his much-younger trophy wife, a hen-pecked boyfriend and the manipulative, victim blaming shrew who’s got her claws in him — Quintessential. Moving in its simplicity, American as apple pie. June Brigman is truly the Norman Rockwell of current America. Beautiful!” –Dunkelcopter

Uncooked hotdogs in buns and frosting-slathered cake with no utensils? Mary, you shouldn’t have! No, seriously, this is a terrible and disgusting thing you have done!” –jroggs

A scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s 10-minute student film, To Catch A Moron.” –But What Do I know

“I have no idea what ‘Gregg gets rocked’ means, but I choose to believe it means he pitched so badly that they pelted him with rocks and garbage.” –Peanut Gallery

‘Oh, absolutely you should have come here,’ Rex recites, directing a knowing glance at the audience. Taking only a moment to shift his pose from his patient-pointing hand to his audience-pointing hand, he continues with his PSA. ‘Where are you looking, Doc?’” the patient inquires.” –Austria

“Jess unfortunately has a long history of abuse to process, starting with her parents giving her and her sister rhyming names.” –TheDiva

“Why is it that the birds in this strip have eye whites but the people don’t? This is truly the land that God forgot, or just got bored of, more likely.” –pugfuggly

“Considering how protective Abba is of their copyright, I bet the dad in Dustin could have the whole call center wiped out just by forwarding the number to the band’s lawyers. Real power move for any spite-driven boomer type.” –Inanimate Carbon Ron, on Twitter

“[Later, back at the Hamm house] Gregg’s Dad: ‘Good news everyone! We don’t have to hide anymore!’
[Goes out side and pries the second ‘m’ off of the ‘Hamm’ sign on the mailbox]” –Kevin On Earth

“A paunchy, middle-aged journalist who has inexplicably survived wave after wave of layoffs and consolidation in regional television confers with another middle-aged writer who has no idea that literally no one cares what writers do. That’s it, that’s the joke. Ain’t that zany enough for you?” –pastordan

“The thumbs up on the poster is an unironically good touch. That’s right, Dagwood; non-union Batman heard the whole conversation.” –Dan

“I know that Dagwood’s peculiar … let us say, ‘anatomy’ … has been mentioned on this blog before, but just what in the sweet holy fuck is up with this posture? He is a) leaning back on an invisible Barcalounger while b) holding his arm at a 90-degree angle as though he’s the doyenne of country club life balancing his purse on his elbow and c) shuffling along, Groucho-Marx-like, with his knees caving in on each other. No wonder Blondie has his arm in a death-grip; she has to physically yank him along before he falls the hell over in an unholy tangle of limbs and sciatica.” –els

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