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Dustin, 11/20/22

Look, I’d be lying if I claimed that I haven’t myself stared at the various cutesy branded pants size designation at the Gap with a certain degree of animus, but here’s the difference between me and Dustin’s dad: I would not, when griping about this to my wife, push my glasses up on my forehead and pinch the bridge of my nose in a fit of comically exaggerated performative exasperation, so everyone would know just how much I hate it. I also wouldn’t harken back to some mythical golden age when we all just covered ourselves with voluminous wraps and it didn’t really matter what size or shape they, or we, were.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 11/20/22

Say what you will about Mud Mountain Murphy’s digestive problems and the degree to which he himself is responsible for them, but you have to admit that they provided Rex an opportunity to avoid some classic Buck-curated roots country bullshit. Everything happens for a reason, as Mary Worth would say!