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Gil Thorp, 11/3/22

The new Gil Thorp writer has definitely upped the strip’s confusion game, which used to be centered on two plots you couldn’t keep track and now involves … three? five? plots, can’t even keep track of how many plots, and one of those plots that we hadn’t heard from in a bit is “Gil is about to become extremely divorced.” I like the way that he beats Mimi to the punch divorce-wise while still putting the onus on her as the divorce-wanter. If he put half as much mindgame effort into his coaching, Milford football might be actually doing well this year! [NOTE: IS MILFORD DOING WELL THIS YEAR? HAVE INTERN LOOK INTO THIS] [NOTE: DO I HAVE AN INTERN? LOOK INTO THIS]

Blondie, 11/3/22

Oh, thank God, I thought shocking rumor was that Greg was Laura Palmer’s killer in Twin Peaks. I haven’t finished the show yet, so no spoilers, please.