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Mary Worth, 2/5/23

Because Estelle simply can’t get enough of public amateur musicianship, she invited Ed on their date to a “piano bar,” which in the Worthiverse refers to a bar that has a piano that, apparently, literally anyone can just come in and play, which sounds like it would be significantly less pleasant than karaoke. But it turns out that Ed is in fact very good at playing the piano! You can tell that Estelle finds this extremely hot, but you can also tell that Ed is getting so much positive feedback from the audience that he finds the prospect of continuing to boogie-woogie all night (musically) more appealing than going back to Estelle’s place and boogie-woogieing (sexually). This is, you have to admit, one of the funnier ways for a date suggestion to backfire.

Family Circus, 2/5/23

“Hey Jeffy, you know who’s boring as shit, who’ll put you right sleep? Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior” –Dolly Keane, apparently????