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Folks! One week from today, the Internet Read Aloud returns to the city of Los Angeles, with a very special guest: Washington Post columnist/Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me panelist/published author Alexandra Petri! Plus me, and some local favs! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW if you are in the area, it will be very funny, plus it’s free, what do you have to lose???

Here is the Facebook event, if you wanna let Facebook know you’re coming!

Also? Your comment of the week? Is very funny!

“I’m more mystified by the decision to ramp up the coloring FX for this particular episode of Hägar the Horrible, as if to announce that the strip is transitioning from gag-a-day laffs into serious graphic-novel territory, and using mermaid sex as the load-bearing pillar with which to do it. Ichthyophilia and Götterdämmerung: The Lucky Eddie Story will be the talk of next year’s Eisner Awards. Admittedly, much of that talk will be the question ‘Why, WHY??’ and various forms of cursing, but that counts as talking.” –T Campbell

And your runners up are also very funny, too, as well!

“‘Shady’s nuts container’ — They’re called pants, Slylock.” –Liam

“The incompetent lawyer and his red headed wife talking at length about something that happened off camera last year. This strip became Judge Parker so slowly that nobody even noticed.” –Where’s Rocky

“Don’t take astronomical information from a kid who finally notices that the sun is coming at 10 am.” –Cindy

“‘A shopper’? What’s that about? Is his name Angus McFurball? Wilford Bramble? Corpulent Kitty? I need all the facts!” –Flipper

“Dagwood having to be told there’s leftover spaghetti is the most out of character thing in this strip’s history.” –Patrick Duke, on Twitter

“It’s hard not to feel bad for Daisy in this scenario. Normally Dagwood would build an enormous sandwich, scattering food everywhere that a dog could easily pick up, but he’s managed to get every bit of that spaghetti in the microwave. Daisy’s only hope is that he’ll drop it, which is highly unlikely since he’ll probably pour it straight off the plate into his mouth.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“Dennis has a red circle on his cheek indicating that he’s a child. Mrs. Wilson has a red circle on her cheek indicating she’s a woman. Mr. Wilson has a red circle on his nose indicating he’s a drunk. The Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka suicide rocket rapidly approaching the house they’re in has a red circle on its wings, indicating that the Empire of Japan had one last hold-out pilot who really hates Dennis the Menace.” –Voshkod

Humor?! Not on Blondie’s watch!” –Dan

“I can’t help but think that Loretta wanted to spice things up in the bedroom. The flashlight was meant to be a Fleshlight, and I dare not speculate what the other items were meant to be and how they would be used. Suffice to say their real kink is spite, and all these items will be used.” –Philip

My therapist is great, Ed. She’s really helped me overcome my neediness and control issues. I’ve already set up an appointment for you.” –Merry Mirth

“Lucky Eddie is referring the the next level of evolution. Like the lungfish, the mermaid can already breathe air. She will venture onto land, burrow into muddy ground and encase herself in a mucous sheath that gradually hardens as she spends the dry season estivating. Hagar is correct that this will not be very rewarding for Eddie.” –Mantipath

“I’m not a psychologist but shutting all the lights save for one spotlight focused on Dennis might be somewhat enabling.” –Hibbleton

“The Mitchells’ entire circle of acquaintances is made up of dorky husbands and hot wives? Do they find these people on a special internet site?” –Ukulele Ike

“Only someone who lives in a huge suburban home would believe that the best way to deal with Chip’s clutter problem is by giving him more junk.” –BigTed

“This is a game changer for fans of this long-running strip, just in time for the centennial of Beau Geste next year. They have cell phones in Crock. The Lost Patrol apparently chooses to be lost since its members don’t want to use their cell phones. The brains behind the strip are now using it to remind us of the French invasion of Algeria in 1830, during the final days of Charles X’s rule, comparing that last Bourbon monarch to Macron. We’ve gone through the looking glass, people. Or cell phones could be forgotten and never referenced again in Crock. But for a moment a comic strip about the French Legion tried to be relevant.” –KMD

“At this point, we can agree that Crock is a subset of steampunk. Across the ocean in the same universe, Jay Gastby has a 4K television in an Art Deco casing and an electric Dusenberg with a touch screen. Ernest Hemingway is taking selfies of himself in Pamplona. And torrents are pirating Lady Chatterly’s Lover all around the world in a mocking of the censors.” –Tonio

“I think I’m going to spend the whole Easter holiday weekend working out what kind of engineer would show up at the Mitchell house in a name-tagged blazer and carrying a manilla folder, but also wearing loafers. Best I can come up with so far is genetic engineer, come to do his regular checkup on the secret government Super-Menace project.” –Schroduck

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