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Rex Morgan, M.D., 4/8/23

Look, Yvonne, either this guy has gone on a journey of personal self discovery that has resulted in the enshittification of his musical career and him dressing like a Secret Service agent for some reason or he and “Dr. Mirakle” are running a badly marketed scam to captive cruisegoers, or maybe Mud Mountain thinks it’s the first one but Dr. Mirakle knows it’s the second one, but whichever one it is, it’s gonna be pretty funny, so please let’s move forward and forget about the “Muddy Boots” thing, OK? I’m sure it’s on Spotify. Maybe ask some probing questions. What’s up with the sunglasses, for instance? Is he blind now? Did Dr. Mirakle order him to blind himself, as part of his ritual of transformation? Or is he just really hungover?

Mary Worth, 4/8/23

“Wow, we just started dating, so suddenly working together every day could be a lot … and you have literally no experience in the veternary field … and you’re clearly very comfortable letting things linger on painfully instead of putting them out of their misery, as evidenced by how long it took you to fully break up with Wilbur … sounds like you’re the pefect candidate! You start Monday bright and early. Hope you own some clean scrubs because the ones down at the clinic have a lot of dog blood on them.”