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We are slipping one last comment of the week for April under the wire, folks:

“It’s the icing on the cake! The cake that we’ll have for dessert after we kill and eat this chicken!” –Peanut Gallery

There were a bunch of very funny comments this week and it was difficult to choose just one! Here are the almost-made-its:

“Wilbur really needs this. And I really need it. But most of all, my TikTok account really needs it. C’mon Wilbur, stop swaying so much, I need to keep you in frame…” –pugfuggly

“Now how should I do this? Shall I subtly intervene by greeting Murphy at a loud volume, thereby cutting off the potentially incriminating sentence, and then make an excuse to get him away from that crowd altogether and re-establish my power over him with honeyed words and reassurances? No, I think I’ll just run at them screaming, that’ll work.” –Applemask

“Wow! I bet this boat accident/failed murder is going to lead to a really exciting week of filling out paperwork and learning about who has jurisdiction on a cruise ship!” –Truckosaurus

“It’s been over 20 minutes and the guy in the blue shirt just wants to leave.” –Kevin on Earth

“Leroy’s actually crying because his desk is only 8 inches tall and it’s crushing his genitals.” –Schroduck

Scott Barkhurst is also the name of the dog plugger featured here right? Because if a dog plugger should have any name, it should be that.” –The Rambling Otter

“Hank, there is a literally a life saver there, right next to you, affixed to the taffrail. Just throw that. There’s no need to be a hero. Your wife already said she’d sleep with you for just walking around a bit.” –Chance

“‘Are you saying wanted as in his Dad is dead?’ Gil says, excited. Gil is not a monster, per se, just a dedicated alum of the Lee Strasberg School of method acting. Who better to star in the upcoming school play, an adaptation of Field of Dreams (directed by Gil, of course), than a kid who lost a Dad and had baseball as the center of their relationship?” –Philip

“‘Yup’? I’m the guy who doesn’t know what ‘wanted’ means. How am I supposed to know what ‘yup’ means? Stop rubbing your fancy-ass education in my face, Gil.” –made of wince

“Speaking of retaliation, Wilbur is taking a dump on the hood of your car as we speak. It’s SO therapeutic for him to express himself!” –MKay

“All strips should follow Barney Google and Snuffy Smith Present Sparkplug’s Grandson Li’l Sparky’s example and make sure that every character relationship is spelled out in the title of the strip. Judge Parker’s Son Randy and his Recently Unretired Former Law Partner Sam Driver has a nice ring to it. And I for one can’t wait to read the next installment of Rex Morgan, M.D., and Also a Bunch of Randos.” –Drew Funk

“And so Santa Royale’s plague of vampire pigeons, distinguishable by their lack of reflection, continues unabated.” –Vice President John Adams

Klinique has that ‘overly realistic rendition in a comic strip whose other characters are stylized’ vibe. So does the chicken. I have contacted the Hague.” –matt w

“Great … I’ve got Allen Ginsburg as a roommate!! Best minds of my generation, my ass.” –Voshkod

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