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Dick Tracy, 4/28/23

I sort of forgot to mention that it seemed for a minute like the game-themed crime bullshit in Dick Tracy might take a turn into furry stuff, which, whatever you might think of furry stuff and Dick Tracy separately, it’s pretty funny when the two of them come together. But alas there’s been this week-long detour into a whole thing where [sigh] B.O. Plenty has a sexy cousin named Klinique (?), and she and a chicken named “Chick Tracy II” (because the original Chick Tracy died/was eaten???) are going to be on a commercial together, and let me tell you, the vibe is like a million times less wholesome than any furry stuff would’ve been.

Marvin, 4/28/23

Ha ha, it’s funny because Bitsy has a ghost for a roommate! Just the damned soul of, well, a dog, I guess, or maybe some other creature that’s howling endlessly on the spectral plane, having been driven mad by its endless liminal state between this world and the next that for whatever reason it cannot escape. That’s just wacky good fun!

Mary Worth, 4/28/23

“Like, for instance, I was like, ‘Remember that guy you went on a date with a year ago? What happened with that? Maybe you should ask him out again.’ And then you did! Now you owe me everything