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Daddy Daze, 5/6/23

I definitely wouldn’t say I have a “favorite” Daddy Daze character — why would anyone say that, that would be insane — but I will admit that whenever I see the Daddy Daze daddy’s goth friend, I think “Well, this one’s going to be different, at least.” Today we learn that he … drinks out of the dog’s bowl, I guess? Possibly because he’s so depressed he can’t drag himself up off the floor, so when he’s thirsty he just drinks out of the dog’s bowl, even though it’s all full of dog hair? It’s nice that he can muster the energy to stand upright to talk to his best (only?) friend over their backyard fence, but I suppose when it comes to being in the house by himself, the dog bowl’s right there, so why bother making the arduous climb to the sink. Do you think he even owns a dog?

Pluggers, 5/6/23

I actually laughed at today’s Pluggers because of how alarmed the chicken-lady plugger is about this. It’s called behavior-based advertising and it’s fine, chicken-lady! Well, it’s not, honestly, it’s a sign of our creeping lack of control over our own personal data and privacy, but it’s been like 15+ years at this point and (gestures around vaguely, including at the ads on this very website) it’s basically fine. Maybe you should get a walk-in bathtub! The computers think you’re interested and they’re rarely wrong.