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Slylock Fox, 10/17/23

Ahh, an idyllic barnyard scene, featuring various animals relaxing and frolicking with one another, showing no sings of the advanced cognitive abilities necessary to, say, operate a helicopter or have strong opinions about the display and curation of antiquities. What changes might be in store? Could they have something to do with the official Slylock Fox Facebook account’s Word of the Day on Saturday, “Singularity: A hypothetical point in the future when technological growth becomes uncontrollable”? Are we left to imagine that most humans transcended physical form into pure digital energy when this Singularity occurred, leaving behind a few baffled or insane remnants like Count Weirdly and Slick Smitty, with the animals rising to fill the gap in our absence? Or did the technology accidentally enhance the animals instead, bringing them to our level and setting up an inevitable conflict that we lost? Much to think about.

Hi and Lois, 10/17/23

Speaking of change and transformation, it was just last month that we learned that Trixie was beginning to experience physical growth for the first time in her decades of existence. And now Chip has begun doing a chore than has hitherto been his father’s domain! Looks like the progression of linear time is finally catching up with the Flagstons, which is really too bad for them because it means they’ll probably all be dead soon.