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Blondie, 2/4/24

I am of course more than happy to call Blondie wildly out of touch, culturally. But I gotta say, I trust this strip implicitly when it comes to the weird, terrible little games that old people play on Facebook that I only know about from their truly off-putting ads and that I assume somehow put recurring charges on your credit card that are very, very difficult to stop. To me, strips like today’s contain valuable ethnographical information and I am grateful for it.

Mark Trail, 2/4/24

OK, two questions here. One: why are we calling the shots we are giving to the horses a “fertility-control vaccine” instead of a “contraceptive shot”? We already have a perfectly good word in English for a medical intervention that prevents pregnancy, and it’s “contraceptive”! Two: why are they giving two-year doses of contraceptives fertility-control vaccines to, presumably, the female horses, when it’d probably be just as easy if not easier to permanently sterilize the male ones? Is this a plot by Big Horse Roundup to get easy government contracts every two years? FOLLOW THE MONEY, PEOPLE