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It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby, and that means it’s time for the comment of the week!

“It looks like they’re playing Grawlix Theft Auto.” –taig

Your runners up are also fantastic!

“It’s a dull old town when the most exciting date you can have is watching a mouse dig a hole.” –MKay

“‘See the movie A Christmas Story’? I’m pretty sure one of the basic rules of live theater is that you don’t make recommendations to the audience about better things they could be watching right now in the comfort of their own homes.” –Peanut Gallery

“I just noticed that Dustin is slightly smiling in panel 2, and nowhere else. I wonder if he heard the car coming, smiled, and walked onto the street on purpose, finally hoping to end it all. Makes the last panel more poignant. ‘Uneventful, as usual. No one will ever free me from the hell that is my life.’” –JamesBont

“The cold temperature of the fridge slows down the multiplication of the lice. We’ve never seen an oxpecker in Pluggers, have we?” –lynn

“Of course Mary can read about increasing climate change-related disasters, multiple regional conflicts with global implications, and the rising specter of authoritarianism and go ‘Ha-ha, crazy world we live in, amirite?’ None of it will ever touch her; the worst that will happen is Wilbur making a fool of himself during the wildfire pre-evacuation.” –TheDiva

“Gizmo is cutting edge. In these days of network breaches and software hacks, a password manager would be vulnerable. But nobody’s going to get Gizmo’s big book o’ passwords without first gaining physical access to a military installation. Now, that military installation just happens to be Camp Swampy, so he probably might as well just store them in plain text on a Google Sheet.” –richard8

“Regardless of what’s happening in today’s Dennis the Menace, they seem to have gotten their money’s worth from whoever had to color in Alice’s floral pattern shirt.” –nescio

“In light of his eating habits, it’s scary to imagine what morsels get caught between Dagwood’s teeth. Herring bones, apple seeds, bits of aluminum foil. Flossing him would be like cleaning the slot in one’s kitchen between the refrigerator and the countertop.” –Tom T.

“I assumed there was an anagram hidden in Keith Hillend’s name, like Aldo Kelrast’s. Sadly, ‘Kill, Then Hide’ never became part of the story, as exciting as it sounds.” –astroboy

“Mark Trail apparently does not eat Jello. That’s OK; I never expected him to. After dinner he goes out and forages for berries and tree sap.” –seismic-2

“‘No, I’m serious. I recently watched an NHK documentary on how the cherry blossoms now regularly start about ten days to two weeks earlier than what used to be normal just 50 years ago, due to climate change.’ ‘I see, so even these flowers, which normally recall thoughts of springtime and new growth, are harbingers of a lurking menace that will destroy life as we know it in karmic retribution for humanity’s own folly and selfishness … much like my neighbor, Keith Hillend!’” –one other spoon

“The Mayor of Gasoline Alley, like most Americans, isn’t in the habit of checking in with any of the main characters of Gasoline Alley. In fact, that may be what qualifies her most to be a leader of these rubes.” –Philip

“Billy gets those comics with the black dotted lines that show his easily distracted journey through his home or neighborhood. We don’t get those for Jeffy because it would just be a couple of straight lines from the precarious chair to the floor to the hospital.” –Tabby Lavalamp

“Tomorrow on The Family Circus: ‘Why do they call it lime disease, Mommy? Because it makes me feel sour?’” –Voshkod

“Imagine you’re kissing someone, they’re running their hand through your hair. Then you look up and see they’re wearing a bright purple glove on their left hand only, as Gil is in panel 2. Psycho behavior.” –Schroduck

“Once again, this strip doesn’t seem to deliver a punchline per se, just another disgusting scenario for us to consider. Hey, did you know that Marvin is dirty and stinks? Stinks of excrement and other filth, I’ll bet.” –pugfuggly

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