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Gil Thorp, 3/8/24

Gil Thorp may be a somewhat manic strip at times, but never say it doesn’t play a long narrative game. Remember the comely bartendress Gil was awkwardly flirting with nearly two years ago? Well, big news: Gil’s divorced now, and it’s time to make out! Gil even went the extra mile and rented a room in this … bar? Hotel? It’s a hotel bar, I guess? The important thing is that he doesn’t want to go back to a girl’s house, because he might catch cooties.

Marvin, 3/8/24

Marvin’s been doing this “she said/he heard” bit all week, which I find irritating because it’s not clear if this just supposed to be wishful thinking on his part of actually indicating his inability to properly parse spoken language. The latter seems ridiculous based on what we’ve seen of his intellectual capacities over the years, but on the other hand he is literally a baby, so! Anyway, I like the touch in this strip where in Marvin’s mind, he’s full clothed for this interaction. Almost as if, against all odds, he does actually have some dignity.