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This week’s top comment — ta da!

“It’s not enough that Zak is a gorilla. He is an ugly gorilla. Man, that Wilbur is a master of nuance.” –Bob Tice

And the runners up! They’re here, they’re very funny.

“[choke] My one weakness, Wilburite! Growing … weak … (Wilburite is his word for a woman asking him to do literally anything for another person.)” –Dan

“My favorite part of this strip is the throwaway panel, where we see Jeff silently tapping away at his computer with a look of disgust. It just makes me happy to know that he’s living a miserable life between these strips, as he deserves.” –pugfuggly

“Unfortunately Cookie could only afford to get half of Claire’s name removed, but thanks to the supernatural center-alignment formatting baked into each tattoo, it’s still a pretty solid piece of body art celebrating Cookie’s terrible fury. Can’t blame the tattoo artist for getting upset, though, because it looks like some tradition or custom of shame required him to remove his own tattoos as well.” –jroggs

“Look here, Moy, you shouldn’t give us the setup of Zak and Iris getting boxing lessons along with Wilbur imagining her as a damsel in distress needing to be saved (by Wilbur) unless you’re planning to show us Wilbur getting his shit rocked.” –Corynaut

“If I were Young Smokey, I’d be more concerned about why I have to wear pants, while the rest of the class gets to luxuriate in the altogether.” –Pozzo

“I’ve never attended Bible class, but I’m pretty confident that each lesson doesn’t have to be carved into a big stone slab, for effect. Apparently it’s what separates us from the beasts.” –Handsome Harry Backstayge, Idol of a Million Other Women

Boo! Do 2 Kings 2:23-25!” –taig

“I don’t know about Iris. She has the opportunity to walk away and not talk to Wilbur and she is not taking it.” –matt w

“As an incipient (or current) (at least age-wise if not culturally) plugger myself, I can assure you I also forget where the Advil is in addition to everything else.” –Vulcan with a Mullet

“You’re a plugger if you are a drug addict but not one of the bad ones!” –Ettorre

“I know the good folks over at Marvin Inc. have their particular brand on lock, but must admit I never could have predicted this scene, an illustration of the Bristol Stool Chart depicted as the lunches on offer in a cafeteria for babies.” –Kevyn on Video

“Well, great. Half of Blondie’s demographic are already some of the few people still using Facebook and have been fully radicalized, and the other half are about to be after their grandkids show them how to find it and sign on.” –Tabby Lavalamp

“Loving the posture of Morgan Kid 2.1 … 2.2 … anyway, the one with the black hair. Pray, little boy, pray! Pray to the black-haired goddess to save your dog ‘Candy!’ [Black-haired Goddess: ‘I wonder how much the taxidermist would give me for this kid’s skin?’]” –I’m Not Cthulhu, But I Play Him On TV

“Doc, we don’t use the word ‘fix’ within earshot of the patients, it makes them nervous.” –Old Man Shadow

“In what world can the news be able to see Gearhead Gertie up close enough (on a blimp!) to know what color her earrings are, but not recognize the obsessive NASCAR granny who spends her entire life committing outrageous stunts to show her devotion to the sport? This guy probably has to report on her antics weekly!” –Schroduck

“Y’know what’s faster than running alongside a horse? Riding the horse! I mean, I know Mark always wants to put the animals’ preferences first, but I’m pretty sure Artemis here would rather carry a couple of dopes than be turned into prosciutto di cavallo.” –BigTed

“Alas for Wilbur; the guy he knocked down was also daydreaming. He’s the Doddering Dynamo, and once he manages to get up, it’s not going to be pretty.” –MKay

“If ‘in perpetuity’ means ‘forever and a day,’ then the town charter says the name ‘Gasoline Alley’ will last forever and two days. This is somehow apt for this benighted, pointless and never ending story.” –Lawyerbob

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