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Apologies to all for linking to the hard-rockin’ sounds of Sleater-Kinney without warning you about the hard-rockin’ yesterday. I actually was browsing with my speakers turned off at that point, so I was wholly unaware of the hard-rockin’-ness.

For everyone who’s ever enjoyed Jowdy! the interjection, there’s now Jowdy! the t-shirt.

A quick look at my referrer logs brings up some alarming searches: no less than nineteen instances of “terry schiavo jokes,” seven of “site lesbian,” and one apiece of
“the truth about stressed out moms and crystal meth” and (of course) “i am britney spears and i am picking my nose stick figure.”

And finally, you knew I wasn’t going to let this one by:

Benjamins? Brah? Rap-dog? Criminey!