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9 Chickweed Lane, 3/16/06

So after a year and a half of entreaties on the part of my readership, I’ve finally started following 9 Chickweed Lane on a regular basis. I’ve been reading long enough to have a feel for who these two characters are, though not long enough to actually explain them. It’s a very slow-moving strip, but unlike the soaps, which feel like they’re just padding things out endlessly, 9CL has a definite rhythm that really works for it. This strip made me laugh out loud, largely because it had been properly teed up by the long lead-in.

Also, this will be the last time I tread upon the territory of Matt over at TSPPW, but: a silent penultimate panel and a silent antepenultimate panel? Bliss. Maybe Matt didn’t mention it because it’s not SPP abuse: it really helps with the timing of the strip. (Update: A commentor correctly pointed out that Matt actually did feature this strip. Whoops! Sorry.)

Also, while the antics of the freakish enormous talking animals in Mark Trail generally kinda bore me, I am a little bit in love with this potentially heartbroken turkey. For some reason this particular bit of dialogue sprouting from his back is poignant and moving to me.

There, there, big fella, don’t fret: all your troubles will pass away come Thanksgiving, I promise.