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They’ll Do It Every Time, 4/4/06

Points to ponder:

  • I suppose “Just before the battle” is meant to presage the epic struggle between “mother” and “hubby” (and oh, the creepiness of that pair of terms) over his warranty-renewal ineptness, but doesn’t it sort of sound like they were planning on settling in for the night to watch the war for the evening? “Damn it, the assault on Fallujah is on tonight! They say it’s gonna be the biggest thing since the Tet Offensive!”
  • Can you actually renew a warrantee? Isn’t the whole point that it just lasts for a limited time, because otherwise nobody would ever buy anything new?
  • Does anyone get a TV set repaired anymore? Even if you’ve “renewed your warrantee” somehow, don’t they just send you a new one?
  • What laws of physics would allow hubby to produce those cloud-like motion lines behind his head and back?
  • Are the Barfwells one of the millions of American families without HEALTH INSURANCE? Did they decide to buy an enormous TV on weird skinny legs instead of comprehensive health coverage?
  • “Barfwell”?


Meanwhile, in Mary Worth, Lou may not cotton to this whole “exercise” scam, but maybe he and Wilbur can get together to discuss their shared love of gelatinous, featureless blobs of ecru food-style substance?

At least Lou can get it near enough to his mouth, though it looks like he’s going to have to unhinge his jaw to swallow it one gulp the way you know he wants to.