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Judge Parker, 4/3/06

Panel one: who is this mystery hippie? At first I thought he was wearing some kind of flowing smock, but upon closer inspection it’s just a possibly untucked dress shirt that’s a particularly hideous shade of brown. Nevertheless, I’m not convinced that it isn’t the shade of Allen Ginsberg, cruelly condemned by a nonpoetic God to haunt Judge Parker for all eternity.

Curtis, 4/3/06

Panel 3: The poster. RAP: Nuns with guns. Two points:

  • I look forward to the day when all mass media-themed posters are headed with a prominent indication of the genre in which the artist works.
  • If there were an actual “Nuns With Guns” rap group, I would so listen to it.

Panel one: Mrs. Dr. Troy. What is it with these doctors? It’s like, “Look at my wife’s enormous chest! I’m totally not gay! [Nervous laughter.]”