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B.C., 4/19/06

See, here’s the thing: “an eclipse of the sun” and “night”: not the same thing. Having long waged war on biology, B.C. has apparently decided to move on to astronomy next.

Hey, look at what’s-his-name’s face in the second panel! He hates this just as much as we do.

Gil Thorp, 4/19/06

Wow, Gil looks pretty pissed off in panel three. I think his motivation for this little heart-to-heart with the Rap Dog is less “Here’s a kid who could really benefit from a college education — if only he’d get motivated!” and more “God damn it, I thought I was finally going to be rid of him — if this hump is still hanging around this town next year, I will have to kill him.”

The Middletons, 4/19/06

Ha ha, it’s funny because his mother wants to harvest his organs! Wait, did I say “funny”? I meant “horrifying.”