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Apartment 3-G, 6/21/06

Oh, boo hoo, Lu Ann! It’s Alan’s big art opening, and he’s not paying any attention to the most important thing: you! Sob! Sob!

I guess she’s supposed to be upset because she’s caught some strumpet hanging off of her former man. But since the girl in question appears to be Alan’s twelve-year-old niece, Lu Ann either has nothing to worry about or a whole lot to worry about.

They’ll Do It Every Time, 6/21/06

Totally, 100 percent awesome things about today’s TDIET:

  • Use of the “beat up jeans are more fashionable than non-beat-up jeans” joke, roughly thirty-five years after it might have been amusing to anyone, anywhere.
  • Total failure to do even thirty seconds of Internet research to discover what a pair of high-priced distressed jeans might actually look like.
  • Use of the phrase “Hobo gathering”.
  • Use of the porn-influenced spelling “howcum” for “How come”.