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Hi kids! As I’ve mentioned in the past, I write a weekly feature on political cartoons for the political blog Wonkette. Well, Wonkette is a bit short-staffed at the moment, and, having proven my ability to operate blogging software and my lack of an office job that might frown on my blogging on company time, I’ve been drafted into guest-blogging for a few days this week. Since I don’t live in Washington, don’t have any real connection with politics or government, and don’t have cable, it will be interesting to see how this works out. If you have any tips that might make interesting posts on Wonkette, please send ’em to me.

Keep in mind that Wonkette is a political blog in a fairly loose sense: it’s interested not so much in thoughtful debate and policy analysis and more in mockery and perversion. Think less “McNeil-Lehrer News Hour” and more “The Daily Show.” So please don’t send me your impassioned 4,000-word treatise on health care reform or campaign finance law, or your detailed conspiracy theories. Did someone show up to testify at a House finance subcommittee meeting dressed as a chicken? Did a national office-holder or major political candidate make a bizarre or inadvertently hilarious statement in public, possibly when he or she didn’t realize that the microphone was on? Is there a major political sex scandal brewing, involving (this would be the Wonkette mother lode) sodomy? This is the sort of thing I want to know.