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There’s been some grumbling this week about the turn towards the talky that Aldomania has taken. Some of you have even gone so far as to say that the Aldo storyline is no longer awesome! Blasphemy, I say. This little intervention is just a breather. I believe that we will get the shocking denouement that we were promised! I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF ALDOMANIA!

You know who else believes? Faithful reader mon-ma-tron! She designed the fabulous Aldomania t-shirt, and I realize now looking back through my old posts that I never properly credited her (she posted a link to the design and offered it up for t-shirtization in the comments, but I know not everybody reads all the comments). Anyway, she is, it goes without saying, TOTALLY AWESOME, and here she shows off her t-shirt design prowess loudly and proudly, no doubt to a crowd of baffled onlookers.

The lovely and talented mon-ma-tron is sporting the junior raglan, but baby doll ts, baseball jerseys, and ringer ts graced with her fab designs are also available. And of course, there’s a whole bunch of other crap there as well.