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From what I’ve read, it’s apparently not uncommon for cartoonists to get e-mails to the effect of, “My husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/child/secret lover is a huge fan of yours, and tomorrow is his/her/its birthday, so would you please work a birthday greeting into your strip?” This, sadly, is impossible, since strips need to be submitted to syndicates weeks and weeks in advance. Plus, big-shot cartoonists don’t care about you or your dumb birthday.

Fortunately for faithful reader Christy and her partner Matt, none of those caveats apply to me!

The most exciting thing about this picture, from my point of view, is that Christy is wearing her birthday present for Matt. That’s right: she’s chosen to give the gift that keeps on giving, Aldomania merch. This shirt and other fine Comics Curmudgeon-related crap is on sale at the Comics Curmudgeon store!