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Hi kids! After a more than two years of operation, I am trying to come up with what every good site should have: an frequently asked questions (FAQ) file. Unfortunately, I’m having a bit of a hard time coming up with the questions. Perhaps that’s as it should be: the questions should be coming from you, after all. So! Please attach to this post any questions you might have had when you were but a newbie at this site (or might still have, for that matter). These can be questions about the site (“Didn’t you used to have a different name?”) and how it works (“How do I post in the forums?”), about me (“Why do you get to take so many vacations?”), about particular comics (“How can it be called B.C. is they talk about Jesus all the time?”) or plotlines (“Say, doesn’t Aldo look like Captain Kangaroo?”). I’ll be back with new comics Sunday night, so you’ll have lots of time to percolate.