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One Big Happy, 10/14/06

See, this is why I read One Big Happy day after day, despite the fact that to my mind the actual punchlines range from the only mildly amusing to (as here) the excruciatingly lame: I think some of the strip’s incidentals are really funny. For instance, in this installment, I love the idea that the Library Lady (who, incidentally, always looks to me to be high as a kite, as she would clearly need to be to deal with these children) has picked a story to read that involves (a) a platypus and (b) the sentence “Maybe we’ll find it in the archives!” (which, if you think about it, just reinforces my “high as a kite” theory).

Marmaduke, 10/14/06

And see, this is why I read Marmaduke day after day: because sometimes it’s totally demented. My theory: Marm has lured these God Squaders to his house in order to eat them.