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Hey kids! Here’s today’s slightly delayed CsOTW! First, our top finisher. Many people expressed this sentiment, but Josh (nice name, that) said it in that way that made me laugh loudest:

“Is Lynn Johnston really saying that the band’s members being stoned and/or drunk actually made them unable to play their instruments? This goes against everything I know about music.” –Josh (not THE Josh)

And now the runners-up, which as usual are all excellent and difficult to select from:

“Panel 1 may be the most non-angry I’ve ever seen Margo. I didn’t believe it was her at first. I would almost trust her with a sharp knife.” –majolo

“Tommie Thompson always struck me as the type of woman who could only get sexual satisfaction from an inmate, a paperboy, or a rolled-up issue of Cosmo.” –Dingo

“How many Stevie Nicks impersonators had to die to make those costumes, Apwil? People for the Ethical Treatment of the ’70s are gonna be super pissed.” –arto

“OK, but why on Earth would anyone kidnap a bear? Isn’t the whole point to get away from bears? Why not just kidnap a mako shark, or a malfunctioning Russian nuclear submarine?” –Dan

“Sam better go check if Bobby and Raju need some help. And by ‘help,’ I mean ‘lube.'” –yellojkt

“I’m surprised that the Caveman in B.C. doesn’t just look at the card that pops out of the Know It All Boulder in total puzzlement for a moment before sniffing it cautiously and then eating it.” –Wirrrn

“The motion lines behind Tommy’s Tiny Bible seem to suggest he’s moving it rapidly toward his mother’s face. Which would seem to suggest he’s either about to hit her with it, or else he’s already given her some pretty wicked shit and knows she’ll enjoy the tracers. The Jesus tracers.” –briantologist

“That Bible is up to no good.” –Laura c

“I am not the sort of person who would wish harm on anyone, but it sure wouldn’t bother me if Molly killed somebody. I really don’t care who.” –Mr. Barkie

“What could be better than June Morgan at the DMV? Ha ha! Five straight days of June Morgan at the DMV!” –hogenmogen

“Peter Parker has the proportionate earning power of a spider.” –Air Forbes

“What the hell is Gil Thorp? Seriously? There are all these people talking but no-one’s saying anything.” –ben

“Yeah, June’s pretty hot — for a pampered rich lady who’s ready to call her lawyer at the first sign of things not going her way. I’ll still take Margo, because Margo is street people. She wouldn’t even go to the DMV. Margo is such a badass, she just steals a car whenever she needs one and then dumps it off at the chop shop when she’s done. Margo is GOD! I exist to be crushed under her iron hand. Also, Margo told me if I didn’t post this, she’ll beat me until I wet myself again.” –dramashoes

“Oh, Bobby and Raju. Your love affair may seem charmed in the the artful glow of the porchlight, but I fear Bobby’s wrestling buddies won’t be quite so taken with Raju’s self. They’ll only see the geeky side, not the romantic guy exchanging sweet nothings under the starry sky, while Sam watches and reminisces about his own carefree homoromantic youth before glumly wandering inside to not have sex with his wife.” –Laura

“Since this is Funky Winkerbean, I suggest that Jess’s throwing up is an early warning sign of cancer. Never underestimate the ability of FW to put its characters through a living hell. It’s part of Funky the way big sandwiches are a part of Blondie.” –Woodrowfan

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