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Hi and Lois, 11/14/06

Wow, I’m pretty sure I didn’t know that Hi’s boss was named “Mr. Foofram.” That’s, um, wacky. Note to humor professionals: wacky does not equal funny.

I note a lot of energy has gone into depicting the angry blobs of saliva emitting from Mr. Foofram’s mouth and portrayed on-screen at Casa Hi and Lois thanks to the wonder of the Internet. Disgusting also does not equal funny.

Mary Worth, 11/14/06

“Tuna casserole? I love tuna casserole! But what does that have to do with this tray of kitty litter you’re shoving at me?”

Momma, 11/14/06

When someone who can’t really draw people very well tries to depict an especially attractive person, I find it particularly sad.